family portrait session Miami Beach, heidi harf photog
Heidi Harf

family portrait session Miami Beach, heidi harf photog

Bubbles, sand, water, shadows, almost high noon.

It is challenging to work at this hour, but I love a good challenge. This image was taken during a one hour family session in Key Biscayne in South Miami at 11 am. I love small moments, and caos, I love making sense out of all of it. In a one our session a family will receive 15 minutes of posed portraits then they will have 45 minutes to do what ever they want. With this family they decided to spend their morning at the beach, so i just joined them. There is a lot of trust that goes into taking these pictures. I never know what I am going to give the clients. I can promise that ever image will be unique to their family and will reflect their relationship with each other.I love documenting families in this way. I see it as a story of their hour, or day.

Location: key biscayne, fl.

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