delray beach portraits, heidi harf photographer

delray beach portraits, heidi harf photographer

After a fun documentary family session on the beach in Delray beach, Florida, we headed back to the home of the family. It was already getting dark. I had to put my camera's ISO to 8,000 while the kids jumped and swam in the pool. The middle daughter was quite a dancer and never stopped dancing during our session. I made this image as she was dancing underwater. I love how the little light we had at this hour is hitting the bottome of her feet perfectly and how the toes are positioned in the black part of the water. As I become a better photographer I become more aware of my surroundings and my images get easier and easier to compose. I am constantly trying to push myself and come up with unique images for families that obviously have my unique and at times quirky style. Documentary photography are real images that reflect real moments and make us more aware of who we are.

Location: Gulf Stream.

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