Heidi Harf

personal project

On January 1, 2017, I decided I was going to make at least one photo a day of my family, in an attempt to document a a year in our life. I was pretty successful in making photos everyday, and never just one photo, hundreds of photos, where I would then have to go through them and choose the best one. However, there were a few days that I just was not motivated. It was the same thing every day, the same routine, wake up, breakfast, the rush to school, the homework, bath time, bed time, on weekend, the same sports activities in the same places. There were lots of car rides, lots of doctors visits, haircuts, and dinner prep, and homework. It was challenge for me to find inspiration in the same every-single-day. I was forced to focus on emotions, small moments, , looks, and gestures of my husband and kids. A look, could make or break the photo. When I started in January, the kids were excited to have all my attention, all of me, constantly watching them, perhaps they even hammed it up for the camera in the beginning. Eventually they began to see that the camera and I were inseparable, which they began to ignore. Of course, I will not lie, there were moments where they screamed at me to put the camera down, A good example was when Adrian broke his finger; I was snapping away, rather than running to the rescue. But today, they thank me!

We took a few vacations 2017, exploring different cities in Colombia and a summer trip to my hometown in NY, It was easy and fun to make photos on those trips, and I decided not to include those days in this gallery.

This gallery includes the substance of my daily life in Cali, Colombia in 2017.