Heidi Harf

One of the most impoverished and dangerous cities in all of Colombia, Buenaventura is central to the country's economy. Home to a major port fit accounts for 60% of all sea imports and exports to the region.

An hour and half boat ride through a labyrinth of picturesque mangroves you will come across a web of communities whose lively hood depends on fishing.

Using large nets to catch their fish, local pescadores and larger companies, dispose of the the smaller, less valuable fish, rather than returning them to the sea. As a result the fish population shrinks while the fishermen inadvertently self sabotage their supply. Alex Nessim has created a foundation Pescando Responsable, to encourage sustainable fishing. As the fisherman thrive and maintain their ecosystem them temptation to join the drug trade diminishes.

Commissioned by: Fundacion Pesca Responsable