Heidi Harf

Buenaventura is one of the most impoverished and dangerous cities in all of Colombia. It is affected by very high levels of poverty and violence, and is considered a center for the cocaine trade in Colombia. The city is one of the major ports on the continent, accounting for nearly 60% of all Colombian sea imports and exports.

An hour and half boat ride through a labyrinth of the picturesque mangroves you will come across a web of communities whose lively hood comes from fishing.

However, as the large fishing companies use nets to catch their fish, and throw the smaller fish away, the supply is dwindling. Alex Nessim has created a foundation Pescando Pacifico, with the goal to teach fisherman from these communities the art of responsible fishing. This practice s more important than ever because as the supply dwindles, the fisherman cannot compete with the larger companies, or do not have a product to sell, the temptation to go to Buenaventura and enter the cocaine trade will become more appealing.

Commissioned by: Fundacion Pesca Responsable